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Clinic Opening in Iowa for Dr. Davis

Chiropractic First Sioux City

Dr. Cody Davis grew up in Moville, IA playing sports, working on the farm, and enjoying his upbringing with his incredible family. After graduating Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, Dr. Davis packed up and headed South to Nashville, TN where he started working as an associate at one of the highest ranked Chiropractic Clinics in the area.

There he continued to learn and develop his skill set as a DC. He has treated and helped thousands of patients to live a healthier way of life, and to better understand the benefits of Chiropractic care.

Dr. Davis truly loves what he does. His dedication, positive energy, and fuel for life has brought him to this next adventure of opening his own clinic and helping the great people of Iowa and surrounding communities.

Plans for Opening!

Dr. Davis and Jamie, (pictured above) will be opening the clinic early 2017. Their goal is to keep everyone updated on the progress of the clinic, and start seeing patients as soon as they can. Jamie will act as the clinic's Office Manager and Practice Representative. Their mission is to improve the health and wellness of their community through practice outreach and specialized treatment for each individual. The official announcement for the location will be given later this year.

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Why We Chose Iowa?!

When we started discussing options to where we wanted to open a clinic, we kept going back to being with family and somewhere our hearts would beat the strongest. It was a no brainer to choose Iowa. Nashville has been a place of growth, finding who we are, finding each other, and discovering the life we want to build together. We are both so dedicated to what we believe in: happiness and helping others. To be with family, and share our passions with people who hold such a great place in our hearts, is exactly what we know we will be able to do in Iowa.

Are we nervous? Absolutely!

Are we hesitant? Not for a minute!

Will it be easy? Nothing this awesome ever is, but we are ready!

Are we scared? Oh yeah! That's how we know it will all be worth it.

What are we excited about most? Building something together for our future while making the lives of others better. We have worked very hard to get to this step.

Do we have plenty of warm clothes? Not yet, but we will be getting to Iowa at the right time to get them!

Are we tell the location? Not yet either! :) Stay tuned!

What's Next?

Next, we wrap up life and work here in Nashville and start on the build-out of the clinic. We want to keep everyone in the loop and just as excited about the opening as we are. Follow us online, subscribe to the mailing list, or email us directly any time with questions or ideas.



To read more about Dr. Davis and Jamie, click here.

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