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Adjusting to the Move and Why I Care

Chiropractic First Sioux City

Every successful individual has a story, they have a passion and they have a journey. What a person believes in is the framework for his being.

I believe in the chiropractic adjustment to align the spinal column for the preservation of the human nervous system when INTERFERENCE exists.

It is common for a professional of a certain practice to speak only on the expertise and knowledge of said practice. As a chiropractor, I am obligated to speak the great strides and benefits of chiropractic care. I see the great miracles that happen in my patients' lives daily.

One of the most important books in the development of my philosophy previously explored is “Our Masterpiece,” by Dr. Bartlett Joshua Palmer. This represents my understanding of my profession; all that is and all that will be. My Chiropractic mentor explains in my favorite quote; “CHIROPRACTIC succeeds in getting sick people well because IT recognizes constants of law IN living man, corrects interferences of those constants IN living man, and then allows THE LAW itself IN LIVING MAN to re-establish its health constant IN LIVING MAN."

Chiropractic is for our health. I care and treat people because of the natural healing power and preservation of well-being.

Moving...I'm ready for this adjustment. ;)

We are getting closer and closer to the big day. Packing up and heading home to Iowa to start this new journey and live out my passion every day. I chose Iowa because of my roots, my homeland, and my people. Simply put, I am ready to be home.

I knew when I left just what I was leaving. I knew I wouldn’t see my family much, but I did know I would be back. I knew when I decided to go back it was going to be for the right reasons, at the best time.

Since living in Nashville, I've used these 3.5 years to sharpen my abilities in diagnosis and treatment of the human body, and really grasp what is takes to run a thriving practice. Six days or 65 years, I can improve the function of the body. I didn’t know when I graduated from Palmer just how much of an impact I could have on so many people. I am so confident in myself at this moment in time as a doctor, as a person, and as a leader. Being home with the people I know, showing them the great benefits of chiropractic care, will be the greatest gift I'll receive doing what I know best, and truly enjoy.

I am looking forward to being able to inform parents why their young daughter in dance needs to be adjusted and stay adjusted even without symptoms. Why their high school son who leads the team in home runs, or their own parents who'd like to live longer, and stay active needs to be adjusted and stay adjusted. Proactive chiropractic care is essential in the prevention of spinal dysfunction (problems).

Opening day is quickly approaching. I am ready to serve. Ready to heal. And ready to be part of a community that embraces chiropractic care and appreciates it as much as I do.

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