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How I Put My Health in the Hands of a Chiropractor

We all want "to live a healthy life,” but what really defines healthy for each of us? Is it what you see in the mirror that is equal to what you’d see in a magazine? Is it the amount in your bank account or the number on the scale? Maybe the food groups and intake that you believe have to be “just right.” Is it seeing your children succeed and your family happy? We all define “healthy” a tad differently, and that is okay.

Healthy does not need to be an image of perfection, so much as a feeling of grace, a feeling of accomplishment and self-gratitude. Knowing your body is at its best performance can easily define “healthy.”

We should be aware of our bodies and what will make them achieve their utmost potential each day. Over the years, I have learned to really listen to every good, bad, and weird feeling my body has.

Chiropractic First Sioux City

Ladies, this post is for you. There are things that only we deal with and sometimes need help with.

Okay gentleman, before you go thinking this is all super girly and ‘not for you,’ it most certainly can be if you have a special lady in your life. It’s important to understand the ‘why’ behind a few things for us gals. Also, I’ll leave it up to the Doc to write his version for you. I am not a physician, and obviously, I am not a man, so I am not the best at explaining how it relates to the things I am discussing here. Some things may relate, so read on!

Headaches, be gone. Immunity, boost on up there. Relief…Period. Energy, last a while. Pregnancy, oh baby this is a whole new post!

These are just a few common things we deal with regularly, and I’m happy to share how I have dealt with them and continue to make sure each day I am feeling at my best.

I was in so much pain every day and I wanted answers. I wanted someone to help me every time I didn’t understand why what I was doing was causing so much pain. Like many people, I refused to take medications for my pain. I knew that was not the answer to healing and long-term relief. My head, neck, and lower back hurt daily.

Literally saying every day, Headaches, be gone.

I was fortunate enough to meet someone who helped me understand the way the body works and can heal itself. Who did I meet? A Chiropractor! What did I start doing? Getting regular adjustments! The goal of a chiropractic adjustment, also known as a spinal manipulation, is to correct structural alignment and improve your body's physical function.** If one thing is “out of whack” many things can happen and cause problems. Granted my Chiropractor is my best friend, my boyfriend, and now my boss, he has changed my life and the way I treat my body each day because of the Doctor he is. He, luckily understands both genders and how they operate!

The daily pain altered my activity. I stopped working out because I’d be in so much pain after it just wasn’t worth it to me anymore. The stress of it ended up making me even more sick. I made some major life changes, but it wasn’t until I met the Doc, started regular treatments, picked his brain, and yes of course fell in love with him, but that’s not what this is about, it’s about my health and how he revived me and took away the constant ache.

He went through my daily routine and helped me realize where the pain was coming from. I never knew sleeping on my stomach was so bad for my neck. My entire life I have slept on my stomach! Talk about a major change for that one.

The majority of my work is done at a computer. This is a tough one to change, and like so many of you, this is not one we can actually stop doing. I started scheduling times to stretch throughout the day. I’d take my pup for a walk after so long of sitting. I worked from home, so I had that ability, if you’re at the office, take some time out of your day to move around and actively stretch your upper body and neck areas.

Take a look at this video for stretches while at your desk. *Mayo Clinic*

Chiropractic First Sioux City

Immunity, boost on up there. I am all about my vitamins. I take a lot, and I can tell when I am missing out on something or if I skip a few days. I am also gluten intolerant, so I have a weak digestive system. I can feel just gross even adding something simple to my diet. Since getting regular adjustments, I don’t have reflux problems, I don’t feel insanely full after one bite of food. When you get your spine aligned, your musculoskeletal system and nervous system work together much better to sustain and regain proper health. You heal naturally. You fight off common sicknesses because your system knows what to do and how to work with one another. I haven't gotten sick in almost 2 years! Treatment does not cure my gluten sensitivity, but I believe it has helped me fight the symptoms.

Relief…Period. Do you ever just say, “why do we have to deal with this nonsense?!” I do, monthly. This one is big. Cramps. They affect the pelvis, abdomen, and most always the lower back. As the lining of the uterus separates, it releases chemicals that keep the uterus from getting oxygen. If a muscle does not have enough oxygen, it can cause pain and cramps. Many women experience subluxations of the vertebrae which can intensify the back pain. Chiropractic care helps realign the spine and relieve the pressure on the back.

I was so amazed when I started getting adjustments just how much it helped the nonstop pain during that time. I used to be bed ridden for 2 or 3 days. Since getting adjustments right before or during that so lovely time, the pain is lighter and I don’t have to stay in bed all day! Seriously gals, if you are in a lot of pain get your tush in our clinic. It will help so much!

Chiropractic First Sioux City

Energy, last a while. Pretty simple here. Not being in pain gives me life. I feel “healthy.” I have lasting energy and want to do more things I was limiting myself from because I was in pain. My bones are in good hands, which is very important for us as we age.

Pregnancy, oh baby this is a whole new post! I cannot even go into all the benefits of Chiropractic care for this one right now. I have so much to fill you in on…and I’m not even pregnant, nor have I ever been, but I have seen the ways it helps women and their babies. I’ll share soon!

Well ladies and gentleman, as you can tell, Chiropractic care is very important to me. It has done so much for my health and well-being. I want more people to benefit like I have. I want you all to feel the best you, so you can live your best life. Feed your body and mind with the right fuels so you are “healthy.” Bring your children in to get them educated and able to prevent injury later on. We love what we do here at Chiropractic First!

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