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Get to Know Our Siouxland Health Community | Special Guest Dr. Mark Wilcox PT, DPT, CSCS, Astym Cert

You may have seen a recent article by Next to Nature, a health store here in Sioux City. In fact, in our very own building, owned by Dr. Davis' wife, Jamie. These "Get to Know the Sioux City Wellness Community" articles will introduce us to small business owners in the area who focus on health and wellness. Yoga instructors, lifestyle coaches, dietitians, and the one below, a therapist who incorporates art into her practice.

We decided to join this inspiring effort and bring on our own guests for the Siouxland audience and health community!

Our first Q&A session was with Dr. Mark Wilcox of Athletico Physical Therapy in Dakota Dunes, SD. He has been a great asset for many of our own patients, even treatment with Dr. Davis. He is very knowledgeable and works very carefully with each of his patient's individualized needs and care.

In our clinic, we value the use of the two types of care for the right patient. For example, neurological disorders affect the brain, spinal cord or nervous system. When you get your spine aligned and nervous system strengthened, physical therapy goes even farther with helping people improve not only their movement, but the brain function as well. You may think of physical therapy as something you use after a sports injury or a major surgery. However, just like chiropractic care, physical therapy helps with a variety of health issues, and can make significant changes and improvements in someones life when combined.

Enjoy getting to know more about Dr. Mark and all that he offers in his clinic!

Tell us a little about your background. Where are you from?

"I was born and raised in Yankton, SD. I went to college at Black Hills State University and majored in Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching. Then I continued my education in Physical Therapy School at the University of South Dakota where I graduated in 2017."

What lead you to your profession?

"I got interested in Physical Therapy from injuries that I had gotten in sports. I had two previous injuries to my shoulder and foot, but also had a stress fracture in high school. Anatomy was also one of my favorite subjects in school and having a good understanding of anatomy is very important as a physical therapist."

Why was PT the path for you?

"I chose this path because the field is very diverse, which keeps me curious and asking myself questions. There is always something new I can learn as a clinician to help the patients I work with. As a clinician, you are always thinking and asking yourself questions."

What do you enjoy best about your career?

"The moments when a patient realizes they have made a dramatic improvement in their pain levels or their function. That sense of empowerment they achieve when they reach a goal is very motivating for a therapist."

What are your specialties and that might set you apart from others alike?

"I am a certified Astym provider, which is a form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique used to treat myofascial restrictions and tendinopathies. I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and a Cross-Fit level 1 trainer.

To add, I have background in a wide range of sports (football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, swimming, cycling, running, volleyball, CrossFit) and outdoor activities. I feel like I can relate to a wider group of people that I see in the clinic."

What do you, or your office, have fun coming up this year?

"We do jersey day every Friday in the fall. We wear a jersey or shirt with our favorite team. This next month we are having a staff party with our clinic, the Vermillion clinic, and two of the clinics in Sioux Falls."

Mark Wilcox PT, DPT, CSCS, Astym cert. Physical Therapist / Facility Manager

Athletico Physical Therapy 317 Dakota Dunes Blvd., Ste. J Dakota Dunes, SD 57049 P: 605-540-4516

Thank you, Dr. Mark for being our special guest and giving our health community more info about yourself!

Athletico has clinics staffed with a compassionate community of professional, highly trained experts including physical therapist assistants, certified athletic trainers, personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, and massage therapists. "Everything we do is focused around our core purpose of enhancing people’s health and quality of life. When you choose us for your rehabilitation needs, you will discover our dedication to exceptional, compassionate care."

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