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Health Store Owner Provides Free Action Plan for New Health Goals

If you’ve been looking for something with a little accountability and a little grace, this is the action guide for you. One sheet of explanation for the healthy habits Jamie lives by, and one sheet on how you can put those habits in action to become routine. We know the benefits of a routine, and this will help you learn just what and how to make the right routine for your mind and body!

Jamie will publish videos each week over the course of 5 weeks breaking down the healthy habits with the chance to ask questions and get some guidance on your health routine. You can find all of this inside the Lessons in the Dirt Facebook Health Community.

This started January 11th, but you can go back and watch within the group under the guides section. No better time to improve your health routine than now!

Interested in being a new patient? We have a wonderful special happening right now that will allow you and our clinic to Give Back to our community!

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