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Staying Pain Free During the Summer

We love all things summer. The warm weather, the more relaxed pace, the events, even the food! It's such a fun time to make memories and do things you normally don't get to during the year. Unfortunately, with all that goes on during the summer months, we can start to feel the effects in our backs and really, our entire bodies. That's why staying on top of your chiropractor adjustments are so important during this great time of year! Here are a few reasons why you might want to make a trip to the chiropractor!


What's summer without a vacation?? If you're like many people, you take advantage of this time to do some traveling. Whether that's a road trip or you're hopping on a plane, chances are, you might not be in the comfiest position for a few hours. Sometimes, it takes a little experimenting to find that perfect spot in the passenger seat...that usually only lasts a little while before something starts to hurt or falls asleep! Being cramped in a car or plane for a long period of time can really start to make your back feel stiff so a quick adjustment before your trip and when you return will get everything lined up!


No matter how old you are, it's hard not to play in the summer! Kids are in summer sports and leagues, outdoor activities are always available, and more time spent with family means more time playing and being active with nieces, nephews or grandchildren. It's a lot of fun, but after running and chasing, you might start to feel it in your body! Making sure your body is in good shape will ensure you can keep up and perform your best!


Summer allergies are no fun. After all, it's hard to enjoy the great outdoors when you have a stuffy nose. If you read our recent blog post on sinus issues, you know how beneficial a chiropractor can be! Dr. Davis targets certain areas in the head and neck to relieve pressure in the sinuses.


One of our favorite parts of summer is the fresh fruits and vegetables. Even better if we grow them ourselves! But, depending on the type of garden you have, you might be bending over a lot. Spending so much time hunched over and gathering produce can make your back sore - even your knees and other joints. Dr. Davis can help with all of those issues!

Summer is such a great time to relax and have some fun. But there's no need to be in pain or suffer through it! Experience the season to its fullest and make sure your body is feeling great and ready for all of the activities!

You can call us at 712-560-8913 or book online to get an appointment scheduled! We love to hear about your summer plans and all of the exciting things you get to do! Plus, we'll make your body feel good too. 😉

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