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Sticking with a New Years Resolution

Sticking with your New Year’s resolution can prove to be quite the challenge. However, studies show that people who create a goal are 10x more likely to follow through with it than those who don’t. Getting a fresh start is always a good idea, and starting at the beginning of the year proves to be the perfect time because we are starting new year, and it’s like a starting point for those who need it! It is very important to understand and think about what you can handle and make resolutions that will bring you results that you want and not over do it.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your resolution going throughout the year.

1. Choose a Specific Goal.

a. The more specific about what you want the more likely you are to get it done. Also, being realistic about your goals is important.

2. Limitations are Key.

a. Do not overdo it. Limiting your goals can be better than making a list. This allows time for you to focus on the one you set and getting it done without stressing you out.

3. Start Small.

a. Taking baby steps is the key to success. Don’t jump right into your resolution without the proper planning and understanding of what you want.

4. Don’t Make the Same Resolution.

a. Studies show that making the same resolutions, year after year, can stunt your mindset. Thinking about past failures can hold you back from the potential you are wanting to find.

5. Remember, it's a Process.

a. Change will not happen overnight. Things take time to change and progress and forcing it will only cause more of a struggle and stress on you. Give it time to work.

Important tip: Keep yourself healthy and in the right mindset to reach your goals. If you are looking to work on any of the above areas and start improving your health this year, start with Chiropractic First.

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