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I'm Not in Pain. Why Should I Visit a Chiropractor?

Why would you visit a chiropractor if you're not experiencing any pain? Great question! And we're so glad you asked :)

The truth is, chiropractic care can help with so many things that don't have to do with neck or back pain. Now, they do help with that of course, but there are so many great benefits to getting adjusted regularly! Here are just a few.

Build Your Immune System

Maybe you've heard of this before. Back adjustments get your spine aligned and all of your systems working together correctly. That means they're able to communicate properly and you have no subluxations causing any problems. When you're aligned, your body is able to do exactly what it's supposed to when you need to fight something off.

Lower Blood Pressure

When your body is out of place, it causes more problems than just pain. Did you know if you get adjusted regularly, you can actually lower your blood pressure? Amazing right? Chiropractors, like Dr. Davis, know how to target the right areas to get your entire body feeling good and working properly.

Improve Posture

So we know sometimes bad posture can cause your back to ache. Slouching over all day isn't great for your back, after all! But if you have bad posture and not much back pain, a trip to the chiropractor can be so beneficial! Not only will Dr. Davis adjust your back and get it in the right position, he can also give you tips and advice on how to have good posture and make sure you're sitting and standing properly.

Relieve Stress

A misaligned back means the nervous system can't communicate properly. And this system is responsible for sending signals to your brain from different parts of your body where you're experiencing pain. If the system isn't working right, it can cause other problems and will have an effect on your entire body! This can cause stress - and with other normal stressors we all deal with on a regular basis, you don't need more stress from your body. When you're adjusted regularly, you're able to manage that stress better.

When Pregnant

Sure, with pregnancy comes a lot of aches and pain. But even if you are feeling great, don't rule out a chiropractic visit! Getting adjusted means a healthy body for you and a great space for baby! When pregnant, women have more weight in their cores, are a little less stable, and things are shifting to make room for baby. Adjustments will help give baby enough room, make mom feel better, and can even make labor and delivery easier by aligning the pelvis, spine, and hips!

So, just because you're not in pain doesn't mean a chiropractor wouldn't be helpful! If you want to feel great, and make sure your body is working how it's meant to, schedule an adjustment today! Book online or call us at 712-560-8913!

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