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Chiropractic After Spinal Surgery

Chiropractic First Sioux City

Many times in practice patients have either come into the office or mentioned in public how "they cannot have chiropractic adjustments because they have had a previous surgery or procedure on their neck or spine."

Dr. Davis responds, like usual, with that of optimism! It's important to understand the reasons why he potentially could help their condition.

He always explains a proper examination and likely X-ray analysis is needed to determine appropriate care. It is likely he can help the mobility and function of the spine around the spinal surgery or at the very least, ease the supporting structures around the surgery. If your surgery was in one area of the spine, it is very likely you have misalignments in other areas of your spine.

Failed back surgery happens so often that there is now a medical condition called “Failed back surgery syndrome.” All health care has limitations. Advancement in health care can only happen with inter-productivity of health care providers whilst sharing treatment information.

Remember, there are no guarantees in health care, but at Chiropractic First, Dr. Davis' sole purpose is to do as much as he can for his patients on a daily basis to improve their health and their families.

Chiropractic First Sioux City

Here are some facts:

Up to two-thirds of all chronic pain patients enrolled in pain centers in the United States are believed to experience failed back surgery syndrome. Data suggest that chronic back pain post–spinal surgery should be treated nonoperatively unless progressive neurologic deficits exist.


2/3 of chronic pain patients enrolled in pain clinics in U.S. are a result of failed back surgery syndrome!!!!

Data suggests chronic back pain after spine surgery should not be operated on again unless neurologic deficits exist.

We know from data if you have spine surgery and can still move your legs and feel your legs or arms, the surgeon will not do surgery again. You live with the pain.

What we do know is we do not need data to tell us having Dr. Davis do a thorough examination to see how if can alleviate pain from prior surgeries is a great idea for better health.

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